NBN Atlas data processing schedule

We will have a reduced processing schedule while we search for a new developer. Hopefully, from March 2022 onwards we will be able to return to a monthly data processing schedule.

Deadlines and data processing dates for 2022

Month Deadline Data processing
November 2021 12th November Week starting 15th November
January 2022 14th January Week starting 17th January
March 4th March Week starting 7th March


Any datasets shared with GBIF will updated on GBIF each month.

Submit a dataset

Please send your dataset(s) to data@nbn.org.uk by the deadlines listed above. We have guidance and templates for submitting datasets to the NBN Atlas and if you have any questions please contact data@nbn.org.uk.

We accept unformatted records, however there may be a delay in the records being ready for upload, depending on the amount of formatting required.