NBN Atlas data processing schedule

Provisional deadlines and dates for 2024

Month Deadline Data Processing (week commencing)
January No data processing
February 2 February 5 February
March 1 March 4 March
April 29 March 2 April
May 26 April 7 May
June 24 May 3 June
July 21 June 1 July
August 26 July 5 August
September 23 August 2 September
October 27 September 7 October
November 25 October 4 November
December 22 November 2 December

Any datasets shared with GBIF will be updated on GBIF each month.

Submit a dataset

Please send your dataset(s) to data@nbnatlas.org by the deadlines listed above. We have guidance and templates for submitting datasets to the NBN Atlas and if you have any questions please contact data@nbnatlas.org.