Project page

You may be aware that the NBN Atlas has not been functioning optimally in recent months.  The purpose of this project page is to give you a timeline of what we are doing to rectify this for the long term now we have rectified the immediate server issues.

In June we initiated a new project to ensure the NBN Atlas is fit now and for the future. Helen our contractor has been reviewing our existing code to identify the areas that need attention and is researching the options we have to ensure we maintain ongoing stability and performance of the NBN Atlas. Below is the project plan we are working to and are aiming to present our business case for approval no later than November this year.

If you have any comments or questions, or would like more information on the activities included in our short term timeline (now complete) please do get in touch with us at

NBN Atlas – Fit for the Future Project

June 2021

Project initiated. We will continue to provide regular updates via this dedicated project page.

Project Plan


Milestone Description Target Deadline
Knowledge Understand the NBN Atlas Architecture 25/06/2021 Completed
NBN Atlas Analysis Identify gaps,  issues, problems, dependencies with the current Architecture and Infrastructure 25/06/2021






Communications  Plan Create a high level communications plan defining groups, media platforms, frequency and virtual broadcasts 29/06/2021


Checkpoint Review and decide next steps 29/07/2021 Completed
Options exploration & proof of concept Explore the options and complete proof of concept(s) 15/10/2021 Completed
Recommendation Review the options and provide recommendation 15/10/2021 Completed
Checkpoint Review recommendations and acquire approval in principle from Board 18/10/2021 In progress
Business Case Create business case 27/10/2021 In progress
Checkpoint Acquire final approval and agreement to initiate the implementation project 09/11/2021 Not started